Staff enforce rules and keep things safe!

Staff on WoopMC are tasked with keeping the server operational, answering questions and reports, helping players, handling disputes, managing events, keeping the chat and game safe, and punishing trolls or rule breakers. WoopMC has four distinct "tiers" of staff, each with their own abilities and responsibilities: Owner, Admin, Mod, and Support.

WoopMC opens staff applications on a yearly basis, or as needed; the server does not accept applications outside of these periods. If you need to reach staff for any reason, you can do so through tickets in our Discord server, in-game using /helpop [reason], or on their profile on this site. For other means, see our contact page.



Owners have total control over the network's worlds, rules, and features. Their primary objective is to ensure the server is running smoothly, adding features, and coordinating events and staff. Actual moderation comes second.


Admins are senior staff members with advanced server feature control. Their primary objective is to ensure the server is running smoothly, answering tickets, and coordinating staff. While moderation comes first, they can also fix minor bugs.



Mods are trusted staff members with permanent ban/mute and rollback abilities. Mods are the primary moderation group on WoopMC: Their primary objective is to keep the server and chat safe and respond to tickets.


Helpers are trial mods on WoopMC and have limited access to moderation commands and features. Nevertheless, Support staff keep the server and chat safe, and may respond to some tickets.


Builders are official builders on WoopMC and have access to creative and WorldEdit on private-access build servers. Outside of designated build areas, Builders are not given additional permissions.

Retired staff members

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